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Our Mission

Tripistery is customer centric. We always put our customers first and our tour products and service levels are driven by their requirements. We remain accessible and affordable at all times and strive to create a product experience that meets or exceeds customer expectations to build win/win relationships in the long term.

Change is the only constant at Tripistery. We are committed to ongoing personal and product improvement through learning, networking and collaboration with our partners. To deliver a superior product and enhance overall customer experience we employ innovative people, processes and technology as the key enablers.

We want the industry to grow and thrive in this fast moving digital age. We value long-term relationships and seek to build mutually beneficial partnerships. We are therefore open, neutral, independent, and consultative to find new ways of doing business, thereby strengthening the ecosystem.

The value of accurate data and real-time information cannot be quantified and allows us to take ownership of certain outcomes. We harness the power of the ever increasing data available about our industry, markets and customers to make informed decisions, guide strategy and solve problems that others ignore. By aggregating the right information and data in one place, we keep things simple and give our customers a competitive advantage.
At Tripistery, we recognize the benefits of maintaining a healthy balance between life and work. We therefore encourage commitment to leisure activities, hobbies or a passion outside of work, especially those related to the tourism industry. We believe in simplifying low and non-value adding tasks to save time, money and resources so that we can focus on projects that will add real value to our lives and the lives of our partners. We believe that our partners share this simple philosophy and choose Tripistery because of it.

Expert Knowledge

Our tours allow you to make the most of your time and budget

Customer Centric

We create experiences to meet or exceed customer expectations

Excellent Support

The vast experience of our handpicked partners turns good trips into outstanding ones